Oct 16 2010

Ban Horse Carriages in NYC

A carriage ride may sound and look romantic, but the truth is they are barbaric.

The horses  legs — walking only on pavement — can become lame.  In summer asphalt can reach 200 degrees.  In the winter the wind chill factor can make the city streets unbearable.

At night the work-weary horses are not necessarily stabled in a barn with dirt, hay and fresh air.  In New York City, for example, they walk up steps to be locked in small cells stories above the traffic and noise-infested city streets.

Horses are also involved in numerous accidents. They are hit by cars, and sometimes run into traffic because they are startled by the many startling noises the city has to offer.

This is a trailer from Danny Moss’ documentary ‘Blinders’. Originally shown on television, this 2008 film won awards from the International Wildlife Film Festival, Artivist Film Festival, Visionfest and ReelHeART International Film Festival.

What People are Doing in New York City

In New York City the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages — a committee of the Coalition for New York City Animals, Inc. — actively protests against the trade.  Their website has a multitude of educational information on why a ban is needed.  They are seeking more volunteers to help the effort.

WAR (Win Animal Rights) is another advocacy group that routinely demonstrates against horse-drawn carriages in NYC.  The dedication exhibited by passionate animal advocates is extraordinary.

New Yorkers: contact Mayor Michael Bloomberg by faxing a letter to 212-312-0700 or send an email.  Also, fax a letter to Speaker Christine Quinn ay 212-788-7207 or email her through her website.

Sign Ban the Carriage Horse Industry in NYC petition.

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