Nov 14 2011

Foster Puppies!

Since we have been fostering animals people always ask how I am able to give them back. And up until now it’s been easy.

I mean, the kitties were great, but I didn’t feel a huge pull for the full-time commitment.

However…….these pups got to me. Actually, just the one. Billy (named by Noah after Billy The Exterminator), the black, more Chow looking little guy is my boy!

He is sweet, loving and cuddly. True, he kind of smells like poo, but that goes along with puppy territory.

Angel, the more boxer/pit one, is cute, but she’s a little more of a trouble maker. In fact I have to break them up into two cages because Angel is biting Billy way too much.

They are healthy dogs, who just need a place to crash until they are old enough to go up for adoption. They are only 5 weeks old, so maybe 2 or 3 weeks with us and then they will go back to the Humane Society to be adopted.

I’m sure they will go quickly, as they are undeniably adorable.

I, on the other hand, am not so adorable after being woken up every 2 hours for the past three nights to let them out. Just like having babies without all the hormones to get you through the midnight feedings.

I’m a sucker for cuteness though, so I’ll fight through it.

I’m still on the fence about what Billy’s fate will be. Seems like a waste to put in all these sleepless nights just to give him back…….


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  1. Lisa
    Posted November 17, 2011 at 7:09 pm | Posted By: Lisa

    Pits need something to chew on – they have puppy Kongs and if they are in a confined space stuff it full of peanut butter (it makes a mess). After the first time, you probably won’t need the peanut butter, she will have figured it out. By the time she leaves you, she will probably have grown out of the puppy Kong and need one of the smaller regular Kongs so you can keep it for the next chewer. Not all breeds will be that into it, but she will. In my opinion all pits should come with Kongs and the front connecting leash made by ( but not the same as) Gentle Lead automatically. A happy, well loved pit is probably the best breed out there – I wish I wasn’t in an apartment, I’d have a rescued one myself.

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