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Oct 25 2016

Our Fight Against Mold Illness

I wanted to do this post about mold illness after we had conquered it, but it turns out it’s taking more time than I previously thought. So many people have been asking about it, and it’s complicated to explain, so I’m putting this information out there before we’ve reached the… Read More

Feb 16 2016

2 Ingredient Creamsicles

This is going to be a short post because it’s a very simple, yet delicious, recipe. These really do taste like creamsicles. They are great for your immune system as well. The vitamin c from the oranges, and gut healthy coconuts with calming heart healthy fats makes this a good… Read More

Feb 8 2016

Coconut Yogurt Recipe

Store bought non-dairy yogurt is SO disappointing! I’ve never tasted one that I liked. And even if I did like any of them, they are all so full of sugar and unnecessary crap that I don’t want in my body. So, I finally bit the bullet and decided to make… Read More

Feb 4 2016

Acai Bowl

Acai bowls are everywhere lately, and they are not cheap. My son loves them so I decided to try to make them at home. As usual, it is far easier than I thought, and I wish I did it sooner. Acai is known as a superfood for good reason. They… Read More

Jan 30 2016

Raw Protein Salad Wrap

I feel like so many raw vegan entrees involve what I call “nut meat”. They sort of try to replicate meat, and then they’re called tuna salad, or a burger etc. I really want to stay away from that because I think it sets your taste buds up for something… Read More

Jan 30 2016

Raw Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe

I firmly believe that dairy is one of the worst things for our bodies. It causes inflammation, often constipation, and it’s just gross to eat what is meant to be passed from a nursing mom to their offspring. Non-dairy cheeses at the grocery store are always a disappointment. They don’t… Read More

Jan 26 2016

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

Every time I go to a raw food restaurant I look for the chocolate cheesecake. I love all raw desserts, but this is probably my favorite. It’s decedent, and satisfying, but still healthy so you feel energized after. I use the same crust that I use for my pumpkin pie,… Read More

Jan 23 2016

Fruit Roll-Ups

                        I’ve been wanting to make fruit roll-ups for such a long time. I’ve been putting it off because I thought it would be a big deal, but they are so easy. I’m going to do them every week… Read More

Jan 1 2016

Simple Mills Grain-Free Products

For the most part we stay away from anything in a box or a bag, but sometimes life requires us to cut some corners. There are a few amazing products that help me out a ton on the weekends! I make the pizza crust almost every weekend, and I usually… Read More

Dec 23 2015

Holiday Sugar Cookies – Grain and Sugar-Free

These are are a perfect swap for traditional sugar cookies. The holidays typically leave people feeling overweight and tired, but they don’t have to. A few easy changes can keep traditions, and keep everyone happy, while at the same time not sacrificing your health. The key to optimal health and… Read More

Dec 18 2015

Capello’s Grain-Free Products

As you may have noticed, I’m grain-free. I have been since the first trimester of my last pregnancy. Harlow is now 10 weeks old and I’ve never felt better. I really hate labels, and people always ask, or assume what box I’m supposed to fit into. Am I vegan, paleo,… Read More

Dec 12 2015

Decadent Chocolate Cake

I made because the kids saw it in this year’s Paleo Magazine Holiday Cookbook Issue and they asked me to make it.  Everyone who has tried it flipped out. It’s topped with paleo vanilla ice cream that contains eggs as well. I do eat free range eggs. Especially now when… Read More

Dec 10 2015

Shepherd’s Pie

Beyond Meat is the secret to this entree that is perfect for the holidays. I gave up on creepy meat alternatives a while ago, but this is different. It’s a pea based protein that is satisfying and can pass for meat if you don’t tell your audience. They have a… Read More

Dec 4 2015

Ginger Bread Cookies

Yes, I should have cut these into gingerbread men, or little Christmas Trees, but time is a luxury that has been alluding me lately. I was just happy to get these into the oven. My 8 year old son actually made these all by himself, as I held a very… Read More

Nov 27 2015

Fluffy Grain-Free Brownies

I’ve been unsuccessful at making a great brownie that is healthy until now. No one can believe there’s no flour and that they are gluten-free. I hate these descriptive words I’m about to use, but they really do describe these: rich, moist, fluffy and delicious. I hate the word moist,… Read More

Nov 22 2015

Raw Pumpkin Pie

This recipe is a mish-mash of a few different raw pie recipes. I’ve been using Xylitol lately, but for those of you who aren’t into it, you can replace it with honey or maple syrup. Here’s a link if you want to read up on Xylitol a little more. I… Read More

Nov 16 2015

Hail Merry Desserts

We cook almost everything we eat at our house because it’s so rare to find something packaged that is unprocessed. Hail Merry Desserts are delicious, gluten-free, and pale friendly – meaning low-glycemic, grain-free and dairy-free. The coconut vanilla cream is the kid’s favorite. Check out the ingredients:  organic shredded coconut, organic… Read More

Nov 9 2015

Root Vegetable Bread

As the holidays are approaching I’m looking for grain-free comfort foods for the whole family (OMG that sounded really cheesy, but it’s the truth). Everyone wants to indulge this time of year, and with 10 lbs left over from baby #4, that’s something I cannot do right now. I have… Read More

Nov 1 2015

Blueberry Almond Butter Bars

These bars are great for a quick breakfast or snack. They’re grain-free, low-glycemic and delicious. Almond flour burns easily so cooking them even a minute over will make them overcooked. 25 minutes is perfect in my oven, but every oven is a little different. They stay together better if they… Read More

Oct 25 2015

Fluffy Grain-Free Pancakes

I’ve posted at least two other pancake recipes, and I’m sure I’ll add more as I discover new ones. I make pancakes at least once a week. Almost every kid loves pancakes and there are so many healthy options. You can easily add pumpkin, squash, and even beets to pancakes… Read More

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