May 27 2011

DIY Natural, Organic Bug Spray Demo Video

The bugs are in full force and last year at this time the kids got eaten alive!

I hate spraying them with anything, especially chemicals. Even the more natural brands have ingredients I can’t pronounce and don’t know exactly what they are.

When we apply chemicals to our skin, they get absorbed into our bodies just the same as if we drank them. Especially in the summer when it’s hot and our pores are even more open.

Here is a very simple but effective recipe for making your own big spray with only natural and organic ingredients.

It’s takes about 1-2 minutes to make and not only is it not toxic, it smells great!

Ingredients (all organic if possible):

10 Drops Citronella Essential Oil

10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

5 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

3 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

½ Teaspoon Vinegar

½ Cup Warm Water


Grab a spray bottle. Any one will do, but I like to use an 8 oz. bottle.

Using a funnel, add the oils, then the vinegar, then the water.

Shake and done!

I like to add the water last to wash any essential oils left behind through the funnel.

Bye bugs!

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  1. Caren
    Posted May 27, 2011 at 8:50 pm | Posted By: Caren

    Great recipie, Catnip oil and Neem oil are also very good to use in the mixture, just be careful with Citronella, it can irritate some peoples skin-lemongrass oil is a good substitute for sensitive skin users:)

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