May 19 2011

Dairy-Free Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels, from The Biggest Loser, recently teamed up with one of my favorite companies, Turtle Mountain, makers of dairy-free products, So Delicious.

Here is what Jillian had to say about the vegan line: “I read the label, I scrutinized it from top to bottom and I compared it to every single thing on the shelf from dairy to non-dairy products. What I particularly loved were all the health benefits. No pesticides. The coconuts are not genetically modified in any way. In addition, there’s Vitamin D, there’s calcium, there’s medium chain fatty acids, which are great for your heart health, it’s low in calories…”

Although Jillian is not vegan, like her co-host, Bob Harper, she does agree that dairy is to be avoided for optimal health.

So Delicious has great dairy-free and soy-free yogurts, milks and ice creams that will help you say goodbye to dairy and hello to a healthy, fit body.





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