Oct 14 2010

SunChips Compost Bag Update

According to Sun Chip’s website “[The] Original flavor snacks [bag] is designed to break down in about 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin or pile. If it takes a little longer, don’t worry about it; Mother Nature will get to it soon enough”.

So, I decided to do a little test in my own compost pile.

July 20, 2010 – Day 1 in the compost bin.


October 13, 2010 – Day 83


After almost 12 weeks, there is literally no change!

The other day I caught the tail end of the news and I heard that  after only 18 months of production Frito-Lay announced that it has decided to stop producing their compostable bags. I just assumed the reason was that the bags don’t actually compost. I was shocked when I went on-line to find the full story, only to discover that the actual reason Frito-Lay pulled the plug on their bags was that they are too noisy!

Well, it is true that they are irritatingly noisy, but what about the fact that they don’t seem to really compost?

It’s true that I have not waited the full 14 weeks, but I doubt my bad will disintegrate within the next two weeks.

My compost pile rocks! It eats up watermelon rinds in record time, so if the bag composts as well as Frito-Lay claims, my bag should be close to dust by now.

If others have tried their own little experiments with the bags, please share!

Fingers crossed for a better, quieter, compostable version.

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