Apr 21 2010

Cooking Pancakes with the Kids

This morning we decided to make one of our favorite breakfasts, pancakes!

Usually we cook everything from scratch, but Natures Path has a great pancake mix.

It’s an organic multi-grain mix with flax.

It’s quick, easy, healthy and a fun way to start out the day!

Now that we are vegan, we make it with rice milk instead of cow’s milk and it’s actually even better.

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  1. Patrick
    Posted April 23, 2012 at 12:38 pm | Posted By: Patrick

    We also use chopped pecan nuts, and if I’m cooking just for me, I’ll add Hemp protein powder – a great nutritious source of protein. For a topping, try adding Coconut Oil smeared on top (it will melt when the pancakes are still nice and warm)… then just a tad of maple syrup. Not just healthy, but tastes great!

    I’ve even used Coconut Oil with a few Cacao Nibs, then the touch of maple syrup.
    There’s a nutritional combination for great health too!


    P.S. Beautiful profile pic, btw 🙂

    Dr. JP Havey
    Vegetarian advocate

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