Oct 24 2012

Vegan Caprese Salad

This is my current favorite snack! Organic avocados and tomatoes are really easy to find this time of year, and this is my favorite way to enjoy them (actually it’s a tossup between this salad and fresh¬†guac and salsa).

This is an extremely antioxidant rich salad, with fiber and healthy fats. The basil is wonderful for fending off infections and bacteria as flu season is coming up on us.

People often ask me how much fat I eat, or how much fat is in the meals that I make. The answer is that I honestly have no idea. I know I eat a lot of fat, because I’m constantly eating nuts, and avocados. I frequently add olive and coconut oil when cooking. These are all sources of heart healthy fats, that are also good for our brains as we get older. They are easily metabolized, and will not stick to your thighs (especially when compaired to meat and dairy sources of fat). I’m not fat, and in fact have to try to keep weight on, so trust me, if you’ve cut out dairy, and meat, veggie sources of fat are nothing to shy away from. The guilt-free consumption of fat is just one of many benefits to being vegan!

Just wash a tomato, slice it up, and throw it in a bowl, or on a plate, with some basil, and sliced or chopped avocado. Sprinkle some Celtic sea salt, and drizzle with olive oil, and you are ready to fend off cancer, heart disease, and enjoy a great salad!

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