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Jul 24 2010

The Garden’s Looking Good!

We are finally starting to see great things from our little garden! Noah and Henry were so excited to start picking our vegetables! Sure, some of them were not really ready, like our miniscule carrots and barely there onion, but we had fun. The tomatoes and broccoli on the other… Read More

Jul 10 2010

Make Your Own (DIY)…. Yoga Mat Cleaner

For those of us who sweat our as*es off in yoga, this recipe is a God send! You can buy cleaners for your mat for $10 or $20, but this one is next to nothing, especially if you already have essential oils at home. I like making my own yoga… Read More

Jul 2 2010

Make Your Own……..Window Cleaner

Window cleaner is one of the easiest cleaning products to make. If you’re new to making your own cleaning products, this is a great one to start with. Vinegar and water are not only far less expensive than store bought window cleaners, you’ll also be helping the environment by reusing… Read More

Jun 15 2010

Make your own (DIY)……..Liquid Laundry Detergent

If you look at a container of laundry detergent, you will see a list of unnecessary ingredients that are putting toxins in our clothes, then through our skin into our bodies. There is no need to wonder what is in your laundry soap if you make your own! You will… Read More

Apr 12 2010

About Elizabeth and This Blog

I am a wife of 4 years, and a mother of two boys; Noah and Henry (3 and 1 respectively). I was a lawyer in my pre-baby phase of my life. Now I very much enjoy staying home with the kids. Why am I ‘NOT A COOL MOM’? I’m not… Read More