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Jul 1 2010

Safe Children’s Insect Repellent

It’s true that Noah’s ear was a tinge on the swollen side……….to put it mildly… Those bugs just LOVE him so much they want to eat him up! I avoided using insect repellents to avoid toxins, but given his reaction to bites, I had to reconsider. I found a great… Read More

Jun 30 2010

Great Organic Shampoo – John Masters Organics

So maybe you’re sick of hearing about ‘organic this’ and ‘organic that’ but there’s a reason (many actually) why it’s important. For shampoo in particular, the reason is that most non-organic shampoos contain sodium laurel sulfate. When it reacts with the plastic bottle nitrates and dioxins form that leach into… Read More

Jun 27 2010

Make Your Own…….Shower Cleaner

Another great cleaning product recipe is here! This shower cleaner, smells great, works great, it’s cheap, environmentally friendly and non-toxic! Many people like the smell of clean house. Unfortunately, what they’re smelling is usually chemicals that linger in the air for days after and penetrate your skin and  lungs. When… Read More

Jun 25 2010

Make Your Own……..Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning toilets is not a particularly glamorous topic, but one I feel I must broach. After learning how easy and inexpensive it is to make your own toilet cleaner, I was so upset when I realized the money I had wasted throughout the years. Not to mention the countless containers… Read More

Jun 25 2010

Recycle ALL Your Cosmetics at Origins

Now that you’re cleaning out all you toxic cosmetics in favor of clean, natural alternatives, what do you do with all the old containers, bottles, lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, pencils, shadows etc.? You can put the containers in the recycling, but not many people will take the time to go through… Read More

Jun 19 2010

Tarte – New Cosmetics Find!

Because of my concerns about cosmetics in this country (Please see myToxic Cosmetics Post) I’m on a constant search for non-toxic products. I sometimes get lucky, and when I do, I love to share what I’ve discovered. Tarte cosmetics was founded by Maureen Kelly in 1999 because, like us, she… Read More

Jun 14 2010

Toxic Cosmetics? Help is Here!

Since, for some unknown reason, the U.S. government  (FDA) does not  test cosmetics before they enter the market place, it’s up to us to decipher what products are safe. First, let me share the facts…………. The average person applies 10 different skin care products on his or her body every… Read More

Jun 13 2010

Best Skin Care……… Eminence!

I’ve been using Eminence  for a few years now and knew they were good, but never knew how good. Not only do the products do amazing things for your skin, they don’t harm the environment! As if their USDA Organic certified line wasn’t good enough, they stepped it up a… Read More