Jun 27 2011

Pure Alternatives


On this week’s ‘Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe’, I interviewed Heather Carmona, founder of Pure Alternatives.

Heather is is an Organic Wellness Consultant. Her ‘evolution to organics’ stems from her own extensive research and experiences with allergies and sensitivity to food preservatives, personal care and home cleaning products. This knowledge evolved into a passion for education and helping people understand that pure health results from environmental consciousness and consumer choices. She is a published writer and sought-after public speaker and conducts classes and workshops regarding organic and natural living.  Her website, www.PureAlternatives.net is a respected resource for health education, organic products and consumer information.

Concerned for her 2-year-old daughter and the public’s health from the spraying of pesticides in Birmingham, Mi. city parks, Heather started ‘No Spray’ Birmingham.

As a result, the City included most of Heather’s proposed language in it’s Master Plan. The next step in a Public Hearing, August 2 and City Commission approval, August 22.

You can join ‘No Spray’ Birmingham on Facebook and get a sign for your yard if you would like (we have one).

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  1. Pattilou
    Posted June 28, 2011 at 2:24 pm | Posted By: Pattilou

    Stop spraying in all parks where people are at play. Let the dandelions bloom. No more poisons.

    Thanks to Heather Carmona for taking on this important message.

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