May 16 2011

Disney World is Vegan?


Well, not entirely, but there are a ton of great vegan options!

A few years ago Disney gave McDonald’s the boot – hooray!

As of this past December, Disney has gone a step further by opening up an exclusively vegan bakery, Babycakes.

Babycakes is one of my favorite places to go when I’m in NY and LA. They also published two of my favorite cookbooks (that you can buy at my Store under cookbooks).

In addition, most of the restaurants at Disney World have made an effort to have vegan options.

Here is what Disney has to say about Vegan dining at their resorts.

Thank you for inquiring about Vegan options at the Walt Disney World Resort.

All of our restaurants offer at least one vegetarian option and most can be modified to be vegan. We stress that you ask to speak to a Chef or Manager when you arrive at each location. They will be happy to assist with your selection and provide product labels and ingredients for menu items.

The attached documents should help you with your planning. Please check the Walt Disney World Resorts Dietary Reference Sheet and it will give you more information regarding the products we carry.

Please complete and return the “Guest Allergy-Dietary Request Form” by email to [] or fax to 407-560-2992. Be sure to list the restaurant names and dates where you plan to dine. This way we can alert all the various restaurant Chefs and Managers of your upcoming visit and your meal requests.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Lee Brady
Guest Communication Services
Walt Disney World

So vegan friendly! Some of the best vegan choices are at Citricos, Boma and Artist Point.

When you’re travelling with kids snacks are always crucial! I usually take a lot with me. I take carrots, bananas, apples, trail mix and Pure Bars. If you have to buy snacks at stands, the options are pretty limited, like pretzels and popcorn.

So for those of you who are vegan, or travelling with vegans, Disney is a great choice!

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